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Harbin Ice Festival 2023
Ever think of what Elsa’s ice palace might look like in real life Ice stairs, ice walls, and ice towers When winter approaches, Harbin turns into a kingdom of ice and snow.
The annual Harbin Ice and Snow Festival opens in late December and lasts for around 3 months, till late February.
What’s New for Harbin Ice Festival
Every year, there’s a unique theme for the Ice Festival. A huge Snowflake Ferris Wheel (摩天轮) has already been built inside the park. Visitors will be able to ride on the Ferris Wheel and overlook the ice castles in early 2023. For this upcoming festival, the highlight may be when the giant Snowflake is colorfully lit up at night, shining high in the sky.
Yearly Time Line
Dates Activities
Early December Ice Harvest
December Carving and Building
Christmas period Unofficial Opening
Jan. 5, 2023 Opening Ceremony
Jan. 18 to Feb. 15, 2023 Special Celebrations for Chinese New Year
Late Feb. to early Mar. Ice and snow sculptures start to melt
Click here and Book Now! Tickets for Harbin Ice and Snow World are on sale now!*Dec. 25, 2022—Jan. 5, 2023: 170/person (half price for children)*Jan. 6, 2023—Feb. 28, 2023: 230/person (half price for children)
Contact us for available tour dates before they are fully booked.
As long as the ice and snow sculptures are open to visitors, it is impossible to take photos of the charming ice buildings without any visitors in! This might be different from what you see in the media (that have special access).
1. What’s the highlight for the festival
A.Visitors will be able to ride on the Ferris Wheel.
B.Seeing Elsa’s ice palace in real life.
C.The giant Snowflake is colorfully lit up at night.
D.A huge Ferris Wheel has already been built inside the park.
2. What will take place during the Christmas time
A.The festival will open informally.
B.There will be special celebrations.
C.The opening ceremony will start officially.
D.Ice will begin to be carved.
3. If a couple with their three kids go to see the opening ceremony, how much should they pay
A. 510 B. 425 C. 595 D. 680
Extra fingers are not that rare. About one or two in every 1, 000 babies are born with extra fingers. If the extras are just small nubs(肿块), they may be surgically removed at birth. But some extra fingers can prove helpful, a new study shows.
An extra finger can be incredibly handy. People born with six fingers per hand can tie their shoes, flexibly manage phones and play a complicated video game---all with a single hand. What's more, their brains had no trouble controlling the more complex movement of their extra fingers, the new study finds. Its results also highlight how flexible the human brain can be. That information can guide people who design brain-controlled robots.
Researchers worked with a 52-year-old woman and her 17-year-old son, both of whom were born with six fingers on each hand. Their extra fingers grew between the thumb and index finger. And they resemble thumbs in how they can move. The researchers studied the subjects' hands with MRI(核磁共振成像), which can map body structures. They also looked at activity in the parts of the brain that control the hands. Those scans showed a dedicated brain system that controls the extra fingers. The sixth fingers had their own muscles and tendons That means they don't' just depend on the muscles that move the other fingers as some doctors had thought. The brain had no trouble directing the extra fingers, the researchers showed. It suggests someone's mind would be able to control robotic fingers or limbs. However, it might be harder for a person not born with extra fingers.
Living in a world designed for people with five fingers has led the mom and son to adapt in interesting ways. For instance, eating tools are too simple for them, so they constantly change the posture on the eating tools and use them in different way. Still, not everyone with extra fingers may show improved flexibility. In some cases, extra fingers may be less well developed.;
4. What does the new research find about extra fingers
A.They are always useless. B.They are very uncommon.
C.They are usually necessary. D.They are sometimes beneficial.;
5. What can we infer about extra fingers from the text
A.Brain-controlled robots can be designed to have extra fingers.
B.Extra fingers are more flexible than normal ones.
C.The extra nubs removed at birth are actually helpful.
D.Extra fingers' muscles and tendons are stronger.;
6. How do extra fingers move according to the study
A.They can't move by themselves.
B.They follow other fingers to move.
C.They act under the direction of the brain.
D.They move out of the control of the brain.;
7. What can be the best title for the text
A.Sixth Finger Can Improve Ability
B.Sixth Finger Can Prove Extra Handy
C.Sixth Finger Should Be Treated Properly
D.Sixth Finger Should Develop in Many Ways
To really know a country, you need to understand its culture and history.
That was why journalist and media expert Zhang Ciyun began his work on a six-volume(册)exploration of ancient Chinese wisdom as reflected in myths, classics works, idioms, paintings, historical figures and architecture.
The English-language edition of the book series was unveiled at last week’s Shanghai Book Fair. The series caters for an increasing number of foreign readers who are deeply interested in traditional Chinese culture.
“The idea of the book series came to me nearly three decades ago, when I discovered how little foreigners knew about Chinese culture”, Zhang said. “Oh, they knew about kung fu movies, the Great Wall and the terracotta warriors, and had vague impressions of Chinese emperors. But they wanted to know more about Chinese culture.”
Zhang, a founder and former editor-in-chief of the English-language Shanghai Daily, is fluent in English. He draws on that skill to tell the stories of ancient China in the everyday language and experiences of native English speakers.
Zhang said ancient culture has had a far-reaching impact on the behavior and thinking of contemporary Chinese, and gives foreign readers insight into modern-day China.
He recalled a Shanghai Daily survey of readers that showed foreigners had great curiosity about Chinese culture. But at that time, books that might help them explore deeper into that culture were pieces scattered(散布)over different publications. There were no books in English providing easy access to Chinese history and culture.
“As a journalist working for an English-language newspaper, I really wanted to do something to meet that need,” he said. “I decided to use my writing skills to tell ancient stories about Chinese culture, especially its traditional aspects.”
He began his project in about 1993, beginning with a series of articles explaining the stories behind Chinese idioms. His first works were compiled into one book, which received positive feedback and was later translated into German and other foreign languages.;
8. What can we learn about Zhang Ciyun’s books
A.They involve various Chinese culture forms.
B.They have been translated into German.
C.They were not well received at first.
D.They were accomplished in 1993.;
9. Why did Zhang write the book series
A.To record ancient Chinese wisdom. B.To spread Chinese culture.
C.To pursue fame and interests. D.To promote Shanghai Daily.;
10. What can be inferred about foreigners’ learning Chinese culture in the past
A.No English books about Chinese ancient culture were available.
B.Foreigners showed little interest in learning about Chinese culture.
C.It was not convenient for foreigners to learn about Chinese culture.
D.English books on Chinese culture were published in large numbers.;
11. Which of the following best describes Zhang
A.Famous and humorous. B.Creative and responsible.
C.Ambitious but unlucky. D.Wise but conservative.
I grew up in libraries, or at least it feels that way. I was 12 in small town of Cleveland, just a few 13 from the public library. I went there several times a week with my mother. She and I would walk in together, but 14 we passed through the door, we each headed to our 15 section. The library might have been the first place I was ever given 16 .
Even when I was maybe four or five years old, I was 17 to head off on my own. Then, after a while, my mother and I would reunite at the checkout counter with our 18 . Together we’d 19 as the librarian pulled out the date card and stamped it with the checkout machine.
When I was older, I usually walked to the library by myself, 20 back as many books as I could. Sometimes, I did go with my mother, and the trip would be as happy as it had been when I was 21 . When I 22 my mother these days, since she died two years ago, I like to 23 us in the car together, going for one more impressive trip to our library.
My parents valued books. They believed that you read a book for the 24 of reading it. You didn’t read it in order to have a(n) 25 that had to be housed and looked after forever. The reading of the book was a journey. There was no need for 26 .
12. A.handled B.raised C.passed D.moved
13. A.blocks B.areas C.countries D.fields
14. A.as soon as B.as much as C.as far as D.as well as
15. A.limited B.favorite C.appointed D.energetic
16. A.justice B.pride C.freedom D.honesty
17. A.forbidden B.tolerated C.expected D.allowed
18. A.presents B.thoughts C.finds D.stories
19. A.wait B.walk C.wonder D.wave
20. A.paying B.earning C.giving D.carrying
21. A.small B.weak C.useful D.delighted
22. A.follow B.miss C.cure D.guard
23. A.note B.hold C.picture D.invite
24. A.opinion B.education C.experiment D.experience
25. A.candle B.instrument C.object D.paper
26. A.vehicles B.souvenirs C.satisfaction D.pleasure
Do you want to raise mentally strong kids Stop doing the following things.
Ignoring Your Child’s Feelings
You’re implying that your children's feelings are wrong, when you say “Don’t worry about it. It’s not a big deal.” 27 And the key to living their best, life is about managing emotions. A healthier message is to say “I know you feel scared right now, but I also know you’re strong enough to face your fears.”
It’s easy to give in when your children are losing their tempers. But each time you give them what they want, you teach your children that their unacceptable acts are an effective way to get their needs met. If you want to, raise mentally strong kids, stick to your limits.
Spoiling Your Children
29 But there’s a lot of research that shows just how unhealthy over protection is for kids. If they always get everything they want, they miss out on learning valuable life skills like self-discipline. 30 . Let them know what it’s like to experience disappointment, and teach them how to work for things they want to have.
Expecting Perfection
While high expectations are good for kids, setting the bar too high is likely to backfire. Whether you expect too much from your child on the sports field, or your academic expectations are unreasonable, kids who feel they can’t succeed are likely to stop trying. 31 .
A.Giving in to misbehavior
B.Keeping to your principles
C.Set limits on what you give your children
D.Teach them not to give up dreams easily
E.Kids need to have a wide variety of emotions
F.You may think its cute to spend more money on your children
G.They are also more likely to struggle with self- respect issues
In southern China, there is a famous road 32 (build) across Poyang Lake, which lies in the north of Jiangxi Province, China and is known as China’s second 33 (large) lake. People in China also call it “the most beautiful road under the water.”
This road is sure 34 (attract) a lot of attention towards the end of May every year. A lot of people come out of 35 (curious). The water level of the lake is so close to the surface of the road, 36 makes the view ahead broad and bright when people drive along. It’s as though they were taking a boat across the lake. The feeling is 37 (simple) wonderful!
For the next few months, this road is not above the surface 38 under the water. When the water level of Poyang Lake starts to go up, the road surface becomes unseen. However, drivers can still drive across the lake safely 39 watching the guardrails(防撞护栏) fixed on either side of the road. For thrill-seeking motorists, it’s like 40 (drive) an amphibious(水陆两栖的) super car. Then in a few days, the entire road 41 (flood) with the continuously rising water. A few months later, the road will reappear.
42. 假定你是学习报编辑李华,英国交换生Eric最近在汉语学习上遇到了一些困难,特来信向你求助。请你给他回信,内容包括:
1. 多积累词汇;
2. 阅读中文书刊;
3. 收听中文原声广播等。
1. C
2. A
3. C
4. D
5. A
6. C
7. B
8. A
9. B
10. C
11. B
12. B
13. A
14. A
15. B
16. C
17. D
18. C
19. A
20. D
21. A
22. B
23. C
24. D
25. C
26. B
27. E
28. A
29. F
30. C
31. G
32. built
33. largest
34. to attract
35. curiosity
36. which
37. simply
38. but
39. by ## if
40. driving
41. will be flooded
42.Dear Eric,
I’m glad to hear from you. You asked me in your last letter about learning Chinese. You might try the tips below.
First, it’s very important to remember as many words as possible. Second, you could read some fun Chinese books to increase your reading ability. Make sure you spend about 30 minutes on it every day. At last, listen to Chinese radio programs to experience the feeling of the language.
I believe you will make much progress soon by following these tips.
Li Hua