1. 二一教育资源



The events and exhibitions will let you have a good time without spending a coin.
The Bar Comedy Night
The Bar Comedy is a show of Melbourne’s funniest and finest comedians. This show supports and encourages diversity in all its e along on the third Thursday of each month to witness and laugh your head off at a great and unique night in Melbourne comedy.
Worlds Immersive at Melbourne Museum
Worlds Immersive is a 5-minute cinematic(电影的) journey from the origin of the universe, through the building blocks of nature, to explore the patterns and connections that bind us and the natural world together. Artist Josef Gatti is an emerging filmmaker, specialising in storytelling through new motion picture technology and innovative techniques.
Melbourne Zoo
Over 300 species of animals from around the world can be found in Melbourne Zoo, just minutes from the central city. There are also interactive exhibits where visitors have the chance to learn all about the zoo's animals, the fight to save wildlife from extinction, and what visitors can do to help.
All members and visitors must pre-book a ticket online. You will not be able to book tickets at the gate. Evening sessions, from 4 pm to 8 pm, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Children under 16 years old receive free entry every weekend, during school holidays and on Victorian public holidays.
1. How many times can people enjoy comedy in The Bar Comedy Night within a month
A.Once. B.Twice.
C.Three times. D.Four times.
2. What is Josef Gitti
A.He is a designer. B.He is a director.
C.He is a producer. D.He is a writer.
3. What can we know about Melbourne Zoo
A.It’s very convenient for people in the city.
B.Visitors have zero distance contact with animals.
C.Children under the age of 16 are free of charge.
D.Tickets can be gotten at the gate or on the Internet.
I wanted to be a journalist. But my parents reminded me that math makes money, so off to engineering school I went In my post-university young-adult life, I've managed to become ^traditionally successful." As a female engineer, I worked for a big oil company and owned a home. My life was laid out in front of me. and I didn't like what I saw.
So, I did what any respectable 24-year-old would do and left my life behind. I said goodbye to my boyfriend and pulled out my suitcase. I threw myself alone into the world with the grace and beauty of a baby deer taking its first steps with skateboards under its feet. I bloodied my knees mountain biking through the red rocks of Utah. I spent four days struggling through Yellowstone with 50 pounds on my back. Two Peruvian women along my Andean journey taught me how to roast coffee and helped me practice Spanish. It wasn't Vienna's cultural museums; it was a sunny piece of grass beside the Danube river with someone from my hostel (青年旅社) who quickly became a friend. It wasn't Yellowstone's Old Faithful geyser (间歇喷泉)launching into the air; it was charging through Montana's ordinary landscape playing music so loud that the car windows shook. The truth is, I didn't actually need to be abroad to have almost any of my favorite experiences. They were just small everyday moments that happened to happen abroad, leading me to realize that the true value of my flight tickets were not the landmarks, but rather becoming an active participant in my own life.
I now spend less time online shopping and more time lying alone on the floor listening to an album cover — to — cover. I ask my friends how they're doing. Sometimes I surprise them with flowers to see them smile. I tell everyone to have a good day.
4. What can we learn, about the author from Paragraph 1
A.She found her work challenging.
B.She was dissatisfied with her life.
C.She preferred math to journalism.
D.She dared not talk back to her parents,
5. Why does the author mention the journeys she has taken in the text
A.To prove the importance of travel.
B.To express her joy with new friends.
C.To show what she learned from the travelling.
D.To introduce the landmarks she was interested in,
6. How has the travel probably changed the author
A.She has become more independent.
B.She begins to enjoy her daily life more.
C.She begins to value her family's opinion.
D.She has become more interested in foreign cultures.
7. What message does the author try to convey in the text
A.We shouldn't think life is better elsewhere.
B.Interest is the best teacher in choosing jobs.
C.Travel is the best way to spend your holidays.
D.The importance of travel
A flood occurs when water overflows. This can happen in many ways. Most common is when rivers or streams overflow their banks. Excessive rain, a ruptured (破裂的) dam or levee (防洪堤), rapid ice melting in the mountains can overwhelm a river and send it spreading over the nearby land, called a floodplain. Coastal flooding occurs when a large storm or tsunami causes the sea to surge inland.
Most floods take hours or even days to develop, giving residents enough time to prepare or leave. Others generate quickly and with little warning. These flash floods can be extremely dangerous, instantly turning a babbling brook into a thundering wall of water and sweeping everything in its path downstream.
Disaster experts classify floods according to their likelihood of occurring in a given time period. A hundred-year flood, for example, is an extremely large, destructive event that would theoretically be expected to happen only once every century. But this is a theoretical number. In reality, this classification means there is a one-percent chance that such a flood could happen in any given year. Over recent decades, possibly due to global climate change, hundred-year floods have been occurring worldwide with frightening regularity.
Moving water has awesome destructive power. When a river overflows its banks or the sea drives inland, structures poorly equipped to withstand the water's strength are no match. Bridges, houses, trees, and cars can be picked up and carried off. The erosive force of moving water can drag dirt from under a building's foundation, causing it to crack and tumble.
When floodwaters recede (退去), affected areas are often blanketed in silt and mud. The water and landscape can be contaminated (污染) with hazardous materials, such as sharp debris, pesticides, fuel, and untreated sewage. Potentially dangerous mold blooms can quickly overwhelm water-soaked structures. Residents of flooded areas can be left without power and clean drinking water, leading to outbreaks of deadly waterborne diseases like typhoid, hepatitis A, and cholera.
But flooding, particularly in river floodplains, is as natural as rain and has been occurring for millions of years.
8. Paragraph 1 mainly tells us .
A.what a floodplain is B.how a flood happens
C.how often a flood happens D.why coastal flooding occurs
9. We can conclude from the passage that .
A.the classification of floods is the most accurate
B.the more often a flood occurs, the more dangerous it is
C.A hundred-year flood is sure to occur every hundred years
D.global climate change may increase the chance of a hundred-year flood
10. A car's being picked up by rushing water shows that .
A.moving water is powerful B.the car must be poorly equipped
C.the erosive force of water is destructive D.the power of moving water has no match
11. What is most likely to be discussed next
A.Disastrous floods in the world. B.The means of preventing floods.
C.The connection between rains and floods. D.Famous floodplains like the Mississippi Valley.
Here are some ways parents can use to encourage a healthy self-image in their children.
Teach what real value is. I think kids sometimes are confused about values. How valuable you are is not measured by how pretty you are on the outside. 12 We were watching the Oscars and my 6-year-old son said, “She is so pretty,” and then quickly looked at me and said you are prettier, Mom.” And I said, “It’s okay. There are many people prettier than me on the outside. I know that’s not why you love me.” 13
Tell your kids about “the grass is always greener” syndrome. It is very easy for all of us to see the charm, whether it is in a famous singer or the most popular girl in the school. Do not think too highly of famous people. 14 Maybe they have the same struggles, like wanting acceptance from peers.
15 Don’t be afraid to have conversations with your child about how they’re feeling about ads songs, etc. You are the parent! 16 Take a stand and have confidence enough not to be followers and not to purchase clothing, music, or magazines that you don’t believe send the right message to your children!
A.Use your mouth.
B.Be patient with your kids.
C.about what problems they might have.
D.It is important to teach children this from an early age.
E.Success is not measured by how famous you are, either.
F.Girls tend to like famous singers while boys prefer sports stars.
G.In fact, kids of all ages want and need boundaries from you.
A patent is an official document 17 (give) to an inventor by a government. This document 18 (general) gives inventors the right to stop anyone else from copying, using or selling the invention without their permission.
Inventions are the result of hard work. It may only take a moment of inspiration to think of a good idea but it takes a lot of research and experimentation to turn it into a(n) 19 (use)and working invention. So, inventors deserve a reward for the amount of time they spend 20 (develop)their ideas. They also need the 21 (secure) of knowing that if they share the invention with 22 rest of the world, nobody will steal it, use it or copy it without their permission.
Patents also benefit the society 23 return for patent protection. Inventors agree 24 (show) all the technical information about their invention. This information is available to everyone and has enough details 25 can be used by people with basic knowledge to produce the invention. In this way, patents help to spread new knowledge, which can in turn help people find 26 (solution) to different problems or to make further advances in science and technology.
27. 语言是一种交流的方式。(a means of)(汉译英)
28. 这个活动的目的就是提高学生对说英语的认识。(不定式结构) (汉译英)
29. 在早晨,这里平静的湖水非常美丽。(汉译英)
30. 坦率地说,不是我没有意识到这是一个善意的谎言,而是我不想让那张满是皱纹的脸失望。(frankly,not…but,a white lie,disappoint)(汉译英)
31. 他决定在获得开办培训机构的资格后立即行动。(swing into action;qualification;institution)(汉译英)
32. 世界卫生组织( World Health Organization)在首个关于全球青少年运动趋势的研究报告中称,全球大约有 80%的青少年缺乏锻炼。专家认为,运动量不足将影响青少年未来的健康状况。为此,世卫组织将举办一次国际中学生交流活动。假如你叫李华,请你用英语写一篇发言稿在这次活动发言,内容包括:
1. 缺乏运动的原因;
2. 运动的好处
3. 给出合理的建议。
1. 词数 80 左右;
2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;
3. 开头和结尾已为你写好,不计人总词数。
Dear fellow students,
1. A;2. B;3. A
4. B;5. C;6. B;7. A
8. B;9. D;10. A;11. D
12. E;13. D;14. C;15. A;16. G
17. given;18. generally;19. useful;20. developing;21. security;22. the;
23. in;24. to show;25. that/which;26. solutions27. Language is a means of communication.
The aim/purpose of this activity is to raise the students’ awareness of speaking English.
29. The still water of the lake in the morning here is beautiful.
Frankly speaking, it’s not that I didn’t realize it was a white lie, but that I didn’t want to disappoint the wrinkled face.
He decided to swing into action as soon as he got the qualification to launch a training institution.
32. 参考范文
Dear fellow students,
According to the World Health Organization ( WHO), there are about 80% teenagers around the world lacking exercising. Absolutely, it will cause severe health problems. In my opinion, we should pay more attention to that and exercise regularly every day.
As we all know, most of us think exercising is a waste of time for we are having much homework in high school. We prefer phones to sports. However, sports can strengthen our body and make us energetic, which is beneficial to our study. So, I wonder if all of you can make a plan for daily exercise after hearing my speech. You can choose a sport you like and make a reasonable time for doing it. Make sure you can insist otherwise you cannot gain the effect. Anyhow, I hope you can change your mind and spend more time exercising.
That's all. Thank you for listening !