名校调研系列卷 Unit 3 Could you please clean your room 每周一考(含答案)

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名校调研系列卷 Unit 3 Could you please clean your room 每周一考(含答案)


名校调研系列卷 每周一考
Unit 3 Could you please clean your room
满分:100分 时间:40分钟 得分:______
I. 单项选择(15分)
( ) 1. Ted is going to make _____ bed after he eats _____ breakfast.
the ; / B. / ; the C. a; an
( ) 2. After Jenny read the letter , she _____ it and put it in her book .
finished B. wrote C. folded
( ) 3.Could you please _____ the door It’s cold outside .
open B. not open C. opening
( ) 4. My grandmother is ill. I have to _____her at home .
take care of B. take after C. look for
( ) 5. ____We have a few minutes to wait for the train , let’s have a cup of coffee.
Since B. Although C. Before
( ) 6. -May I use your computer
-Sorry. I’m ______ it now .
thinking of B. deciding in C. working on
( ) 7. Tony got up early this morning _____ catch the early bus .
so B. in order to C. so that
( ) 8. I _____an interesting book from Alan yesterday .
kept B. lent C. borrowed
( ) 9. This restaurant _____ people ______ delicious food .
provides ; for B. offers ; to C. provides ; with
( ) 10. The clever boy ____ to ask others for help . He is independent .
stops B. begins C. hates
( ) 11. How can we help those children ______ their English
on B. in C. with
( ) 12. She hates to fold the clothes because it’s _____ .
relaxing B. interesting C. boring
( ) 13. I’ll go to visit my aunt in England _____ the summer holidays start .
while B. since C as soon as
( ) 14. Would you please _____ your mother phone a little Your baby is sleeping .
turn up B. turn down C. turn on
( ) 15. -Could you help me sweep the floor , Dale
-______ .
Good idea B. Thanks a lot C. Of course
II. 完成对话 从方框中选择正确选择,并将其字母序号写在对话后面的横线上。(方框中有一个选项与对话内容无关) (5分)
A.Anything else B. Could you please take out the rubbish C. Could you please help me D. Yes , of course . It was terrible . E. What a mess !F. What can I do for you
A: Hello , Wei Wei ! ___1__
B: Certainly ! __2__
A: I want to do the cleaning . ___3__
B: All right . ___4__
A: Yes. I will be glad if you help me do the dishes .
B: I’ve finished . Can I watch TV now
A: You’d better not . Look at your desk . ___5__ Could you please clear up your desk
B: Oh, Mum ,could I clear it up after finishing watching the basketball match
A: OK. You should learn to look after yourself and your won things.
B: That’s right . Thank you , Mum .
_________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. _________ 5. _________
III. 补全对话 根据对话内容,在句中恒信啊上填写适当的话语,使对话完整、正确。(10分)
A:Do you often help your parents 1. _________________ at home
B: No, I do nothing . I’m busy studying in order to enter a good high school .
A: Do your parents make you help with some housework
B: 2. ________________________ . They think I should spend every minute on my schoolwork . They do everything for me .
A: 3. ____________________ to help them around your house
B: I’d love to . But I don’t know how to talk with them.
A: In fact , it’s important for children to learn how to do chores.
B: Yes, I think so . It’s not enough to just get 4. _____________________at school .
A: So you can talk about it with your parents . Tell them you can do something for them .
B: OK. 5. __________________________ .
IV . 完形填空 (5分)
Yesterday I did all the chores again . My parents went to visit my aunt with my sisters yesterday morning. They left me ___1__ at home because I had to do y homework , I found it was really a ___2__at home . They didn’t do any chores . So I cleaned the rooms , __3__ the dishes and watered the garden . Oh ! I must look like a servant .
___4__should I do I hate __5__ chores all alone . Could you give me some advice , please
( ) 1. A. alone B. sick C. quiet
( ) 2. A. job B. matter C. mess
( ) 3. A. bought B. borrowed C. washed
( ) 4. A. How B. When C. What
( ) 5. A. doing B. to do C. does
V. 短文填空 从方框中正确选项,完成短文。(方框中又两个选项是多余的)(10分)
hated B . enjoyed C. do the dishes D. fold the clothes E. After F. happiest spend H. share I. two K. first L. dirty
Greg , Todd , and Rob are brothers . All of them __1__ the chores at home . Every weekend , each of them should do __2__ chores . They always draw (抽签)to decide what to do because it is __3__ .
It was Saturday today , Greg drew ___4__ . His task (任务)was to take out the rubbish . IT was a(n) ___5__ but fast job . Then Todd drew . He had to clean the garden . It was the longest job . He would have to ___6__ a whole morning in doing it . Rob drew at last . He had to clean the windows . Rob ___7__ doing it . He thought it was a boring job .
Rob drew first in the next round . His task was to __8__ after lunch . He was glad to help clean the plates and bowls . ___9__ the rest drew , we knew that Todd had to feed the cats and Greg had to help wash the car .
Greg was the __10__ kid today because it was easier and faster to do his two jobs.
________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. __________
6 _______ 7. ________ 8. ________ 9.________ 10. __________
VI. 根据以下内容,选择正确答案。(10分)
Chores were not popular at my house . My children didn’t like to do chores . They always saw me do chores , but they hardly ever helped me do them . A year ago , I made a game called “The Endless Chore Game” . It is really great . Here’s how the game works .
I make a card with forty squares (方框), and I write a different chore on each square . These chores can be easy and interesting like making dessert . Then my family rolls the dice (骰子)to decide what chores we have to do . The card also has a few squares with fun things , like watching TV and singing . If you are lucky , you can watch TV when the others are doing the chores.
My son likes the game very much . He goes to the kitchen happily every morning to do the game . It is really good way to make my children do chores . You can have a try if you have the same problem with me .
( ) 1. The writer’s family began to do the game ____ ago .
one year B . one month C . two years D. two months
( ) 2. What do you need to do “The Endless Chore Game”
A card B. A dice . C. A card and a dice . D. A card and forty dice
( ) 3. When does the writer’s family do the game
In the morning B. In the afternoon C. In the evening D. We don’t know
( ) 4. We can learn from the passage that _____ .
the writer only has one child .
everyone in the writer’s family likes playing the game.
the writer wrote this passage to the parents.
everyone in the writer’s family has to do the chores every day .
( ) 5. The writer made this game to _____ .
do less chores B. tell us an interesting game
C make her children happy D. make her children do chores.
VII. (A)你班举行了以“爱劳动”为主题的班会,下面是你在班会上做的汇报内容,请补充完整,每空不超过两个单词。 (5分)
I like doing housework . I often help my mother when I am 1. __________ . Because I think my parents are very 2. _________after a day’s work . I often 3. _________ the floor , wash the dishes , 4. _____________ the rubbish and so on . When my mother 5. _____________ back home , she is surprised and happy .
假如你是张华,你下周六要搬家,你想请你的英籍好友桑迪(Sandy)帮忙做一下事情。请给她写一封电子邮件,请求她的帮助。 (20分)
This Wednesday Tidy(整理)the books
This weekend Buy some boxes
Next Saturday Help move to the new house
Next Sunday Sweep the floor of the new house
要求:1. 语言通顺,意思连贯,书写规范;
Dear Sandy,_______________________________________ ________________________________
I 根据句首,填入一个适当的词,使句意完整。(10分)
Everyone should learn to think for themselves because they can’t d______ on others all the time .
It’s a w______ of time to talk with her .It’s like playing the lute to a cow (对牛弹琴).
He is badly i_____but he doesn’t have enough money to see a doctor .
Amy was so careless that she d_____ her favorite bear into the water .
Can you e______ to me why you were late again
II. 用括号内所给单词的适当填空 。(10分)
1. Some of the _______(neighbor) can’t stand the loud music form the party .
2. Mr. Wu keeps ______(tell) his students that the future belongs to the well educated .
3. That’s ______(fair ) to him if you don’t give him this chance .Don’t forget that you’re known for your fairness.
4. He ______(sweep) the floor first and then took out the rubbish .
5. My father shouted ______(angry) at me , “Go to bed and don’t watch TV.”
I.1-5 ACBAA 6-10 CBCCC 11-15 CCCBC
III. 1. do chores /do (some) housework
2. No/No , they don’t
3. Would you like
4. good grades
5. Thank you for your advice /That’s a good idea
V. 1-5 HIJKL 6-10 GACEF
VII. (A) 1. free 2. tired 3. sweep 4. take out 5. comes
(B) Dear Sandy ,
I’m going to move to a new house next Saturday . I need you help . Could you please tidy the books for me this Wednesday If you are free this weekend , could you buy me some boxes When next Satruday comes , could you help me move to the new house Also , please help me sweep the floor of the new house next Sunday .
Thank you so much .
Zhang Hui
I 1. depend 2. waste 3. ill 4. dropped 5. explain
II 1 . neighbors 2. telling 3. unfair 4. swept 5. angrily
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