Unit 1 How tall are you?能力提升卷(含答案及听力原文,无音频)

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Unit 1 How tall are you?能力提升卷(含答案及听力原文,无音频)


时间:90分钟 总分:100分
一 、听录音,选出你所听到的单词。(10分)
( )1.A.long
( )2.A.foot
( )3.A.big
( )4.A.watch
( )5.A.boat
二 、听录音,选出与所听内容相符的图片。(10分)
( )1.A. B. ( )2.A. B.
( )3.A. B. ( )4.A. B.
( )5.A. B.
三 、听录音,选择合适的答语。(10分)
( )1.A.Yes,it is. B.Yes, he does.
C.Yes, he is.
( )2.A.She is 1.60 metres. B.She is 40 kilograms.
C.She is 40.
( )3.A.I'm 30 kilograms. B.I'm 1.56 metres.
C.I'm taller.
( )4.A.Mike is heavy. B.Wu Bin bin is thinner.
C.Mike is heavier,
( )5.A.Size 8. B.1.65 meters.
C.12 years old.
四、听录音,判断句子的正(T) 误(F)。(10 分 )
( )1.Kate's grandpa is younger than Kate's grandma.
( )2.Kate's father is taller and stronger than her mother.
( )3.Kate is the tallest.
( )4.Kate is getting taller and taller.
( )5.There are five people in Kate's family.
( )1.A.taller B.older C.teacher
( )2.A.kilogram B.metre C.ball
( )3.A.smaller B.low C.thin
( )4.A.shoes B.size C.socks
( )5.A.what B.that C.when
( )1.— are your shoes
— They are size 34.
A.What colour B.What size C.What big
( )2.The Chang jiang River is than the Yellow River.
A.longer B.smaller C.stronger
( )3.She's the girl in her class.
A.tall B.tallest C.taller
( )4.I have two friends. of them are girls.
A.All B.Both C.Lots
( )5.My fish is bigger than 。
A.him B.her C.hers
1.The ruler is l than the pen.
2.The elephant is h than the dog.
3.The white cat is t than that black one.
4.His eyes are s than mine.
5.Her hair is s than mine.
1.I'm 1.72 metres.(就画线部分提问)
are you
2.Wu Bin bin is older than Lucy.(改为一般疑问句)
Wu Bin bin than Lucy
3.Does the sun go down every day (作肯定回答)
,it ,
4.The duck's shadow is longer in the afternoon.(就画线部分提问)
the duck's shadow longer
5.I want to go hiking.( 用he 改写句子)
B:I am 48 kilograms.
A:I'm 50 kilograms.I'm heavier than you.2.
B:I'm 1.61 metres.3.
A.Yes,I'm 1.68 metres.4.
A:She is 1.62 metres.
十 、阅读短文,选择正确的答案。(10分)
Hello, I'm Peter.I'm from Canada.I'm 11 years old.I'm 1.6 metres and 40 kilograms.I like reading books. Every morning,I go to school with my good friend Ben.We go to school on foot. Ben is 10 years old. He's heavier than me.But I'm taller than him.We study in Red Wood School.Amy is my sister.She is 1.65 metres tall.She's older than me.She likes drawing pictures.She is taller and stronger than me.
( )1.Who is younger than Peter
A.Ben. B.Amy
( )2.How tall can Ben be
A.He is 1.65 metres tall. B.He is 1.58 metres tall.
( )3.Which sentence(句子)is right
A.Peter is heavier than Ben.
B.Peter is shorter than his sister.
( )4.What does Amy like
A.Reading books. B.Drawing pictures.
( )5.Is Amy taller than Peter
A.Yes,she is. B.No,she isn't.
Yang Ming 35 years old 1.83 m 76 kg
Liu Guang 32 years old 1.78 m 68 kg
一、1.The monkey has a long tail.
2.My feet are bigger than yours.
3.What size are your shoes
4.Little Duck is watching the sun go down.
5.What a beautiful bird!
二、1.My mother is thin.
2.Li Ming's bag is heavier.
3.My shoes are size 7.
4.The elephant has big ears.
5.Your hands are bigger than mine.
三、1.Is Wu Bin bin taller than you
2.How heavy is Sarah
3.How tall are you
4.Who is heavier, Mike or Wu Bin bin
5.How old are you
四、 Hi,I'm Kate.There are six people in my family.My grandpa is older than my grandma and he is thinner than her. My father is taller and stronger than my mother.I have a brother. His name is Paul.He is heavier and taller than me.I grow older every day. I'm growing
taller and taller.
一 1.A
四、1 .F
七、1.longer 2.heavier 3.thinner 4.smaller 5.shorter
八、1.How tall 2.Is;older 3.Yes;does 4.When is 5.He wants to go hiking.
九、1.A 2.E 3.D 4.C 5.B
十、1 .A 2.B 3.B 4.B 5.A
十一、(示例) Yang Ming is 35 years old. Liu Guang is 32 years old.Yang Ming is older than Liu Guang. Yang Ming is 1.83m.Liu Guang is 1.78 m.Yang Ming is taller than Liu Guang.Yang Ming is 76kg.Liu Guang is 68 kg.Yang Ming is heavier than Liu Guang.