Unit 1 How tall are you?基础过关卷(含答案及听力原文,无音频)

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Unit 1 How tall are you?基础过关卷(含答案及听力原文,无音频)


时间:90分钟 总分:100分
一 、听录音,选出你所听到的单词。(10分)
( )1.A.sad
( )2.A.than
( )3.A.short
( )4.A.have
( )5.A.kilo
二 、听录音,给下列图片排序。(10分)
( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
三 、听录音,选出所听到的句子。(10分)
( )1.A.My brother is 1.6 metres. B.My brother is 1.7 metres.
( )2.A.My schoolbag is 5 kilograms. B.My schoolbag is 15 kilograms.
( )3.A.His tail is longer. B.His head is smaller.
( )4.A.I'm three years older than you.
B.I'm three years younger than you.
( )5.A.When the sun gets lower, the shadow will become longer.
B.When the sun gets lower, the shadow will become shorter.
( )1.—How heavy is it
—It's six ·
A.meters B.high C.tons
( )2.—What size are your shoes
—My shoes are size
A.35 B.36 C.37
( )3.—How are you
—I'm 12 years old.
A.older B.long C.old
( )4.—How tall is John
—He is 1.61 .
A.metres B.kilograms C.centimetre's
( )5.—What are they going to buy
一 ·
A.Vegetables B.Hiking clothes and shoes C.Books
1 .o1d
( )1.I'm 48 kilograms.I'm than you.
A.taller B.heavy C.heavier
( )2.My hands are bigger than
A.yours B.your C.you
( )3.The dinosaur is taller than both us together.
A.for B.on C.of
( )4.The shadow is getting
A.long and long B.longer and longer C.longest and longest
( )5.The sun every day.
A.go down B.goes down C.went down
( )1.Lily is shorter than Jenny.
( )2.Li Ming's mother is thinner than Li Qiang's mother.
( )3.The man is stronger than the woman.
( )4.My pencil is longer than yours.
( )5.The baby is younger than the old man.
1.than, taller,I'm,dinosaur, this(.)
2.is,you,older,than,who( )
3.can't,the,he,catch, ball(.)
4.is,hall, that, tallest, in, this, dinosaur,the(.)
5.the,is,longer,shadow, when,duck's( )
( )1.当你想告诉别人天气正变得越来越冷时,你会说:
A.It's cold. B.It's colder. C.It's getting colder and colder.
( )2. 当你想告诉别人你是班上个子最高的人时,应该说:
A.I am taller in my class. B.I am the tallest in my class.
C.I am the taller in my class.
( )3. 当你想知道教室有多大时,应该说:
A.How long is the classroom B.How large is the classroom
C.How heavy is your brother
( )4.当你想告诉别人陈杰比你大时,应该说:
Chen Jie is older than me. B.Chen Jie is old.
C.Chen Jie is younger than me.
( )5.当别人问你喜欢哪个颜色的衣服,你说你喜欢白色的那件时,应该说 :
A.I don't like white. B.I like the white one
C.I'd like the yellow one.
十 、阅读短文,判断句子的正(T) 误(F)。(10 分 )
Hello, I am a Chinese boy.My name is Wu Bin bin.Now,I am happy to have a pen pal.Her name is Susan.She is from Canada.She is 12.And she is older than me.I am 1.56m tall.And Susan is 1.58m tall.So she is taller than me.She likes going hiking,planting trees and flying kites.I like taking pictures, swimming and reading. We are in different countries.But we are good friends.
( )1.Wu Bin bin is from Canada.
( )2.Susan is older than Wu Bin bin.
( )3.Susan is taller than Wu Bin bin.
( )4.Susan likes swimming and driving.
( )5.Wu Bin bin and Susan are good friends
一 、1 .size 2.than 3.shorter 4.heavier 5.kilogram
二、1.My bag is bigger than yours.
2.I have so many pencils.
3.My fingers are longer than yours.
4.The elephant is heavier than the mouse.
5.The giraffe's neck is so long.
三、1.My brother is 1.7 metres.
2.My schoolbag is 5 kilograms.
3.His head is smaller.
4.I'm three years older than you.
5.When the sun gets lower, the shadow will become longer.
四、1.A:How heavy is it
B:It's six tons.
2.A:What size are your shoes
B:My shoes are size 36.
3.A:How old are you
B:I'm 12 years old.
4.A:How tall is John
B:He is 1.61 metres.
5.A:What are they going to buy
B:Hiking clothes and shoes.
一 、1 .B 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.C
二、2 5 4 31
三、1.B 2.A 3.B 4.A 5.A
四、1.C 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.B
五、1.older 2.shorter 3.bigger 4 .lower
5.longer 6.heavier 7.smarter 8.younger 9.thinner 10.stronger
六、1 .C 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.B
七、1 .B 2.C 3.D 4.A 5.E
八、1.I'm taller than this dinosaur.
2.Who is older than you
3.He can't catch the ball.
4.That is the tallest dinosaur in this hall.
5.When is the duck's shadow longer
九、1.C 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.B
十、1.F 2.T 3.T 4.F 5.T