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Hiring Now
Copy Editor
Location:Beijing, China
Contract Length: Minimum 12-month commitment
CGTN Digital is seeking an experienced copy editor to join its growing team of devoted, passionate journalists in Beijing. The ideal candidate will have experience working accurately and carefully, in a fast-paced news environment. They will be positive, energetic and totally committed to the highest journalistic standards. They will also have the ability to read and edit scripts (讲稿)critically; make edits consistent with CGTN's one and accuracy; and spot spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax(句法)mistakes consistently.
●Edit existing news content
●Repurpose existing content for various online platforms
●Work together with other journalists
●Have an interest in international and Chinese news
Minimum Qualifications ●At least 3+ years of relevant experience in editing and fact-checking ●Native-level knowledge of the English language ●An eye for detail and ability to produce spotless copy ●Ability to multitask and work as a team player ●University degree
Apply by sending a CV and a detailed cover letter, including your current and expected salary, along with any relevant work samples by e-mail to: cgtndigital @cgtn.com.
1. What aspects does CGTN Digital focus on while choosing a copy editor
A.Individualism and interest.
B.Nationality and ability.
C.Age and gender.
D.Experience and competence.
2. Which of the following basic requirements should job applicants meet
A.Little experience in correcting mistakes.
B.Native-level fluency in the English language.
C.Ability to spot mistaken details in the copy.
D.Competence to perform a single task independently.
3. What should an applicant offer when applying for this job
A.A brief cover letter.
B.A self-introduction video.
C.Work samples related to this job.
D.Current and expected bonus.
The other day a big,ugly,black bat found its way to the bathroom of my house and hung, upside down, over the toilet bowl. As "the man of the house", I was asked to rid the house of the awful creature. I grabbed a pillow and held the broom.I quickly opened the bathroom door and threw the pillow at the bat. It didn't move. Then that old feeling started to come over me. It was the same feeling I experienced when I was sent down the stairs in the middle of the night to see what made a noise.The feeling can be summed up in one word-trapped.
All men, I think, sometimes have had that feeling of being trapped in some male role. It may be something as simple as having to carve the chicken before it is served,or having to pretend that you know something about car engines when the car won't start.However,women nowadays seem to have the freedom to be themselves.They can repair cars or be fire fighters.Yet men appear to be more afraid to do something different. It's as if being a man is not what you are,but what you do and the way you do it.
As I came towards the fierce and frightening bat, I wondered what would happen if I had simply told my wife that I won't do it-that she could get it out, or else call someone in the morning. But I couldn't do that! I am the man! I slowly opened the window and closed the toilet bowl cover. I then, carefully, lifted the broom over my head and swept the bat out the window. Just like that, it was gone.
My wife was so pleased and in the morning,my son thought I was a hero. They asked me how I had got rid of the bat. I started to tell them-but then stopped.A man doesn't talk of such things.
4. Why does the author mention the old feeling in Paragraph 1
A.To recall the old days. B.To show his fear of darkness.
C.To predict his fight with the bat. D.To highlight the situation of being trapped.
5. What does the author mean by mentioning women 's freedom in Paragraph 2
A.Men are forced to bear household burdens. B.Men have to live up to social expectations.
C.Women are free to choose their jobs. D.Women are equal to men in workplaces.
6. The last sentence of the passage implies that the author
A.believes silence is gold B.feels proud of himself
C.will do what he has to do D.will be what he wants to be
7. How does the author sound in the passage
A.Angry. B.Humorous. C.Desperate. D.Serious.
Some of the most powerful companies in the world have co-founders. For example, Google(Sergey Brin and Larry Page),Apple(Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs),and Microsoft(Bill Gates and Paul Allen)and so on. Having partners can help to deal with the pressure and the failures that come with running a business. No matter how down on your luck you feel they may provide emotional support. They may have extra skills, and be on hand to help out with the day-to-day problems. And an alternate point of view may help to broaden your mind and aid the risk of mistakes being overlooked.
Everybody knows Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.When the phone was launched in 2016,customers praised it for its storage, design and usability, and it may well have been a hit if it weren’t for the fact that it occasionally caught fire and exploded. It was soon banned immediately from flights, and Samsung had no choice but to recall the entire model. The shortcoming reportedly cost the company $1 billion, and a further $17 billion in lost sales. But remember, based on the lesson, the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy Note 9 are well received in the world! Now we know that failing is part of business success.
One thing that all great companies have in common is that they have failed many times—and luckily, they bounced back. Take Sarah Blakely, founder of shapewear brand Spanx for example. She credits her business success specifically to her failures. “I’d get kicked out of buildings all day long, “she remembered. “People would tear up my business card in my face. But my friends and I knew I could sell and I knew I wanted to sell something I had created. I learned that ‘no’ doesn’t always mean ‘no’ ,and that you may get 30 nos before you get the one yes. People told me no with Spanx for two years. “Spanx is worth just over $1 billion—it was a company that Blakely who took a degree in a law school started with just $5 000!
8. What can we learn from the examples in Paragraph 1
A.Two heads are better than one.
B.Constant dropping wears the stone.
C.God helps those who help themselves.
D.All things are difficult before they are easy.
9. Why does the author mention Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7,8 and 9
A.To suggest customers should follow the new trends.
B.To prove Samsung is responsible for customers.
C.To show Samsung paid for its product failure.
D.To explain that failures don’t spell the end.
10. What mainly contributed to Sarah Blakely’s success
A.Her friends’help. B.Her will power.
C.Her good luck. D.Her education background.
11. How does the author develop the passage
A.By making contrast. B.By making classification.
C.By giving examples. D.By giving numbers.
Most of you probably want to have a few more weeks of summer holidays, but it is back-to-school time. New classrooms, new teachers and new classmates may make some of you really nervous. Don't worry. 12
Smile. I know that sounds like a small thing, but it's huge! One little smile goes a long way. Remember that most of the students at school are feeling just as nervous as you are. 13
Hold your head high and be confident. I know you might be feeling shy. 14 When others see you looking down or keeping a worried look on your face, they will think you don't want to be their friend. Believe that you are someone special!
15 There is no reason to be afraid that other students don't want to meet you. Be brave. Think how you feel when someone talks to you. They'll feel the same way. Here's how you do it — Hi. My name is .... What's your name
Join a club. If you want to find new friends, you’ll need to start by finding new people to be friends with. 16 You can join any club depending on your interests.
A.Introduce yourself.
B.Accept invitations.
C.It’s a perfect opportunity to start a conversation.
D.And they are looking for a friendly smiling face, too!
E.However, staring at the ground will not help you make friends.
F.Here are some tips on how to make new friends in high school.
G.Clubs provide a friendly environment for you to communicate with others.
Parents feel that it is difficult to live with teenagers. Then again, teenagers have 17 feelings about their parents, saying that it is not easy living with them. According to a recent research, the most common 18 between parents and teenagers is that regarding untidiness and daily routine tasks. On the one hand, parents go mad over 19 rooms, clothes thrown on the floor and their children’s refusal to help with the 20 . On the other hand, teenagers lose their patience continually when parents blame them for 21 the towel in the bathroom, not cleaning up their room or refusing to do the shopping at the supermarket.
The research, conducted by St. George University, shows that different parents have different 22 to these problems. However, some approaches are more 23 than others. For example, those parents who yell at their children for their untidiness, but 24 clean the room for them, have fewer chances of changing their children’s 25 . On the contrary, those who let teenagers experience the 26 of their actions can do better. For example, when teenagers who don’t help their parents with the shopping don’t find their favorite drink in the refrigerator, they are forced to 27 their actions.
Psychologists say that 28 is the most important thing in parent-child relationships. Parents should 29 to their children but at the same time they should lend an ear to what they have to say. Parents may 30 their children when they are untidy but they should also understand that their room is their own private munication is a two-way process. It is only by listening to and 31 each other that problems between parents and children can be settled.
17. A.natural B.strong C.guilty D.similar
18. A.interest B.argument C.link D.knowledge
19. A.noisy B.crowded C.messy D.locked
20. A.homework B.housework C.problem D.research
21. A.washing B.using C.dropping D.replacing
22. A.approaches B.contributions C.introductions D.attitudes
23. A.complex B.popular C.scientific D.successful
24. A.later B.deliberately C.seldom D.thoroughly
25. A.behavior B.taste C.future D.nature
26. A.failures B.changes C.consequences D.thrills
27. A.defend B.delay C.repeat D.reconsider
28. A.communication B.bond C.friendship D.trust
29. A.reply B.attend C.attach D.talk
30. A.hate B.scold C.frighten D.stop
31. A.loving B.observing C.understanding D.praising
The annual Water Splashing Festival of the Dai ethnic minority falls during the New Year period of the Dai Calendar. It is the most important festival 32 (observe) by the Dai ethnic people of Xishuangbanna Prefecture.
The festival lasts for three days. The first two days' 33 ( activity ) are concentrated on the banks of the Lancang River. On the first day, a grand 34 (celebrate) marks the beginning of the festival.
An outdoor market is set up 35 locals go for New Year shopping. Artists create sand carvings on open space close to the market. A dragon boat race 36 (hold) on Lancang River 37 (ring) out the old year in the afternoon. At night, the banks of the river are 38 (colorful) lit, and locals float river lanterns on the river.
The third day, the climax of the festival, is reserved for water splashing. On that day, the Dai put on their 39 (new) and best clothes , and then assemble at the local temple. Water is regarded by the Dai as a symbol of goodwill among people . Therefore , splashing a fellow human being with water during the Water Splashing Festival , 40 a close neighbor or a fellow villager , or even a stranger , is 41 expression of the desire for good luck and prosperity to that person.
42. 假定你是李华,你校英文报“人与动物”栏目刊登主题为“保护野生动物”的短文,邀你投稿。请你以此为题,谈谈野生动物出现生存危机的原因、影响及解决方法。
Protecting Wild Animals
1. D;2. C;3. C
4. D;5. B;6. C;7. B
8. A;9. D;10. B;11. C
12. F13. D14. E15. A16. G
17. D;18. B;19. C;20. B;21. C;22. A;23. D;24. A;
25. A;26. C;27. D;28. A;29. D;30. B;31. C
32. observed;
33. activities;
34. celebration;
35. where;
36. is held;
37. to ring;
38. colorfully;
39. newest;
40. whether;
41. an
Protecting Wild Animals
At present, as a consequence of human activities, many wild animals are endangered. Worse still, some of them may disappear forever.
There is no doubt that hunting wild animals has a bad influence. For one thing, it causes the imbalance of our ecosystem. For another, it leads to the spread of infectious disease from animals to us human beings, such as SARS and COVID-19.
As far as I am concerned, something must be done to stop this illegal act. Nature reserves ought to be built so as to offer more living space to wildlife. What’s more, we should never have wild
animals for food, as they are part of the environment.
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