人教新目标(Go for it)版八年级上册 units 6-10 单元词汇专练(有答案)


人教新目标(Go for it)版八年级上册 units 6-10 单元词汇专练(有答案)

单词拼写 第一节:单词拼写(每空限填一词)。 1. Now parents are spending more and more money on their children’s e__________. 2. We started at 7:00 a.m. and r__________ the top of the mountain at 4:00 p.m. 3. Linda enjoys dancing. It is one of her h__________. 4. --Miss Brown, thanks for your asking. I have to go home now! --OK, c__________ you later. 5. No one helped me make the sandwich. I made it m__________. 6. We can’t just waste(浪费) food while half the world is still h__________. 7. Can you speak a little more l__________ and more clearly, please? I can’t hear you. 8. We are preparing for the coming basketball game. U__________ we try our best, we will lose the game. 9. Spring Festival is one of the most t__________ festivals in China. 10. When we got to the top of the mountain, we could see the whole city b__________. 第二节 根据下列句子及所给单词的首字母,写出各单词的完全形式(每空限填一词)。 1. —How often do you play football? —O________ a week. 2. Steven fell off the bike and b________ his arm last week. 3. —Did Jack go to the movies with a________ last night? —No. He went by himself. 4. Jimmy is a t________ boy and he always learns things quickly. 5. Movie City has the w________ service, so people don't like to go there. 6. These days students have to take exercise indoors u________ the weather is fine. 7. All the students are talking and l________ in the classroom and it is very noisy. 8. Many schools had parties to celebrate the coming new year. All the students enjoyed t________. 9. Last year we planted h________ of trees and flowers in our school. Now they are growing well and make our school very beautiful. 10. To make a Thanksgiving dinner, you should fill the turkey with bread mix and cook it at a very high t________ for a long time. 第三节. 根据下面句子及所给单词首字母,写出各单词的完整形式。(每空限填一词) 1. —Shall we play basketball? —I'd love to, but I'm not a________. I have lots of things to do now. 2. W________ her glasses, Grandma has great trouble reading newspapers. 3. When some people have problems, they will keep the problems to t________. 4. A true friend reaches for your hand and t________ your heart. 5. John is t________ in math, so he solves math problems easily. 6. In most countries, people usually eat t________ food on special holidays. 7. During the summer, it's too hot in the classroom. We can't s________ it. 8. You can't take her promises s________ because she never keeps her word. 9. Now we can get i________ from a lot of ways, such as newspapers, TV and the Internet. 10. For friends, I don't think it's n________ to be the same. My best friend is quite different from me. 第四节:根据下列句子及所给的首字母,写出各单词的正确、完整形式(每空限填一词)。 1. How about a________ some more salt into the soup? It's not salty enough. 2. Jack was a nice driver. He waited u________ the old woman went across the road. 3. They work hard every day, because they want an apartment of their o________ in Hangzhou. 4. With so many new subway lines, the traffic in Hangzhou will be b________ than before. 5. Ivan is not careful enough so his homework is always full of m________. 6. I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up some times d________ the night. 7. —There will be a new school named Zhijiang Middle School next year. —Really? Let's find some i________ about it on the Internet. 8. John is looking at the blackboard carefully, but he can h________ see anything. 9. Her family were so p________ that they couldn't even buy her a new book. 10. Mary p________ to watch the movie Coco with her friends yesterday, but her parents advised her to go hiking with them. 第五节:根据下列句子及所给单词的首字母,写出各单词的完全形式(每空限填一词)。 1. Listen, it's raining hard outside. Bring your u________, Lucy. 2. There are eleven people in front of me. I have to wait. I'm the t________ in line. 3. I don't mind my friends are different from me. It's not n________ to be the same. 4. Sally is not sure where Jack is. M________ he is on the playground. 5. There is nothing w________ than having no friends. 6. His parents never e________ he can be so successful. Every dog has its day. 7. D________ the week, we wear school uniforms. 8. If you want to i________ your health, you'd better eat more vegetables and drink more water. 9. For her, it's a really special e________ of living alone for a week. 10. What a pity! I missed your party yesterday. I stayed at home and p________ for my English speech. 第六节:根据下列句子及所给单词的首字母,写出各单词的完全形式(每空限填一词) 1. Lucy and Jane are good friends, but they have nothing in c_________. 2. ---Why not buy the first-class(一等) train ticket if you want to sit c_________. ---The first-class seat is bigger but it is more expensive. 3. ---Could you give me some a_________ about buying a house? ---Of course. You’d better buy one with a garden. 4. My first resolution is about i _________ my spoken English in 2018. 5. In most countries, people like eating t_________ food on special holidays. 6. It’s a_________ now and the leaves turn yellow and fall down.. 7. Let’s cut the birthday cake into p_________ and enjoy them. 8. W_________ your help, I can’t pass the exams. 9. I invited him to go hiking with me, but he r_________ to go with me. 10. Students should sleep at l_________ eight hours to keep healthy. 第七节. 单词拼写 1. Please p ________ the apples before you eat them. 2. Look! There are h ________ of cars sparking around the school. It’s very crowded. 3. Dream Clothes is the w ________ clothes store in town because the service is not good at all. 4. After school we have lots of a ________ at school, like playing sports, singing and dancing. 5. Cindy h ________ ever eats hamburgers. She thinks they’re not good for health. 6. They will lose the game u ________ they try their best. 7. New Year’s Day is coming. Mark and Nelly are o________ the party games. 8. Molly is my good friend. We like to do the same things. She f ________ cares about me 9. Last week Paul invited Jenny to go hiking with him, but she r ________ to go with him. 10. Yesterday Laura told her parents that she lost her wallet and they were really u ________. 6 ---10单元 一、用所给单词的适当形式填空 1.Amy ________(meet) a famous actor yesterday. 2.My mother will come to the ________(open) of our new library. 3. ________(teenager) are the people from 13 to 19. 4.You're halfway to ________(solve) the math problem. 5.Mom is ________(preparation) dinner in the kitchen. 6.Do you like ________(hang) out with friends? 7.Tomorrow is Sunday. Let's go camping ________(together). 8. ________(final) my seven?year?old son got to the top of the mountain by himself. 9.This is important work, and we must take it ________(serious). 10.Mr.Clark ________(drive) to work from Monday to Friday. 11.________(lucky), the boy found his lost pen under the tree. 12.He ________(become) famous when he was only a child. 13.Kosa, an eight?year?old girl, can hum many ________(piece) of music. 14.He thinks his corn is ________(delicious) of all the food. 15.I feel math is ________(difficult) than Chinese. 16.My father looked ________(angry) at me when he saw me playing computer games. 17.The ________(screen) of the phones are so small that they're bad for our eyes. 18.It was snowing hard outside, but Jack went out ________(with) a coat. 19.Jasper's Restaurant has the ________(friendly) service. 20.You can ask some people who have much ________(experience). 二、用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空 A 1.You can't hang out with your friends ________ you finish your homework first. 2.She is very careful. She seldom makes ________ in her homework. 3.Can I help out with any of the party ________? 4.They shouldn't keep problems to ________. 5.He ________ to accept my invitation last Saturday. B 6.—Did you agree with him? —No. I ________ with him. 7.My brother looks forward to ________ his ninth birthday. 8.Thanks for ________ me to your house?warming party. 9.The ________ over there are from England. 10.He got up too late. So he went to school ________ breakfast. C 11.My brother often keeps problems to ________. 12.When speaking English, don't be ________ to make mistakes. 13.He ________ all the problems by himself when he was young. 14.Could you please give me some ________? 15.You are ________ to solving a problem just by talking to someone about it. D 16.The boy ________ himself up because he's going to the party. 17.Young people today enjoy going to ________. 18.How many ________ will there be at the party? 19.My pen pal is looking forward to ________ China. 20.When I was young, I often ________ out with my friends. 三、根据汉语提示完成短文 A The winter vacation is coming. I got 1________(超过) 100 letters from my students. Here are some students' 2________(计划) for the winter vacation. Lucy, a 13?year?old student, is going to have a party at her house, so she wants 3________(邀请) some classmates. She is also going to see her grandmother. She is 4________(兴奋的) to live in the 5________(乡下). Tom, also a 13?year?old student, is going to have English training because he has some 6________(问题) in English. He wants to solve them. Tom's twin sister, Ann, is going to stay at home because she thinks home is really a 7________(舒适的) place. Jack, a 14?year?old student, is going to 8________(旅行) around the world. He is going to visit some famous places with his parents and a 9________(外国的) friend. Jack's best friend, Bruce, is going to join a singing club. He wants to win first prize in the school singing 10________(比赛). What are you going to do? Are you going to be a couch potato? Or are you going to do anything really meaningful? B Dear Jim, How was your singing competition? Did you win first 11________(奖)? I didn't have a good day off. My parents and I went to visit London, but the 12________(天气) was bad there. It rained 13________(直到) Monday when our class began. At the 14________(结尾) of the trip, the weather was still not so good. We had to go to the nearest store to buy some 15________(礼物) for our friends. 16________(不幸地), it rained 17________(再一次). And we didn't have any 18________(雨伞) or raincoats, so we all got 19________(湿的). And I had a cold the next day. What a terrible day off! I won't go anywhere when the weather is bad in the 20________(未来). See you soon. Yours, Mike C In some science fiction movies, people in the future have their own robots. These robots are just like 21________(人类). They help with housework and do the most 22________(危险的) jobs. Some scientists believe that there will be such robots in the future. 23________(然而), they agree it may take 24________(百) of years. 25________(科学家) are now trying to make robots that look like people and do the same things 26________(像) us. Japanese 27________(公司) have already made robots walk and dance. This kind of robot will also be fun to watch. There are already robots working in factories. These robots look more like 28________(巨大的) arms. They do simple jobs over and over again. People would not like to do such jobs. But robots will never be 29________(厌烦的). In the future, there will be more robots everywhere. Something seemed 30________(不可能的) a hundred years ago, but now it has come true. We never know what will happen in the future. D I often travel by train to some places of interest. This summer I 31________(决定) to take a train trip to the countryside. Then one day, I got on a train and took a seat by the window. At first, the train moved along 32________(慢地) and gradually(逐渐地) gained its speed. We went through a number of tunnels(隧道), crossed some bridges and 33________(旅游) in the countryside. It was a 34________(晴朗的) day and the scenery(风景) outside was wonderful. There were green fields 35________(到处). We could see farmers 36________(工作) busily in the fields and some children playing under the trees. They waved to us as the train went by. The train ran across a 37________(桥). Under it a group of ducks enjoyed 38________(它们自己). They heard the noise of the train and hurried off. I looked out of the window. After a while, I 39________(合上) my eyes and started to make 40________(计划) for my next vacation. 参考答案: 第一节(共10小题,计10分) 1. education 2. reached 3. hobbies 4. catch 5. myself 6. hungry 7. loudly 8. Unless 9. traditional 10. below 第二节 1. Once  2. broke  3. anyone  4. talented  5. worst  6. unless  7. laughing  8. themselves  9. hundreds 10. Temperature 第三节 1. available  2. Without  3. themselves 4.touches  5.talented  6. traditional  7. stand  8. seriously  9. information  10. necessary 第四节 1. adding  2. until  3. own  4. better  5. mistakes 6. during  7. information 8. hardly  9. poor 10. planned/prepared 第五节 umbrella  67. twelfth  68. necessary  69. Maybe  70. worse  71. expect  72. During  73. improve 74. experience 75. prepared 第六节 1. common;【解析】考查固定搭配。Lucy和Jane是好朋友,但是她们没什么共同点。have sth. in common表示在某方面有共同点。因此填common。 2. comfortably【解析】考查副词使用。题目想表达如果你想坐得舒服,为什么不买头等舱呢?这里需要一个副词去修饰动词 “坐”,因此要把comfortable变成其副词形式。 3. advice【解析】本道题考查名词。题意:关于买房,你能给我一些建议吗?some后面可以接可数名词复数和不可数名词,advice不可数,因此我们填advice原形。 4. improving 【解析】本题考查动词使用。题意:我新年的一个决心就是提高我的口语能力。about后面为介词,介词后面应该动名词,因此要把improve变成improving。 5. traditional 【解析】本题考查形容词使用。题意:在一些特殊的节日里,人们喜欢吃一些传统的食物。food作为名词,前面需要形容词去修饰,根据special holiday我们也可以推测出要吃一些传统的食物。 6. autumn 【解析】本题考查名词形容。题意:现在秋天了,树叶开始变黄并且从树上落下了。从树叶变黄我们可以推断出现在的季节是秋天,因此我们此处填autumn。 7. pieces 【解析】本题考查动词词组搭配。题意:我们把蛋糕切一下并且享受它们吧。cut cake into pieces表示把蛋糕切开。根据cut这里可以推断出应该填pieces,从them可知切成了很多块,因此填pieces。 8. Without 【解析】本题考查介词短语固定搭配。with one’s help表示在某人帮助下,但是题目后半部分表示的是我不能通过考试,因此本题应该翻译成如果没有你的帮助我就不能通过考试。with 的反义词是without。 9. refused 【解析】查考动词。refuse to do sth表示拒绝做某事。题意:我邀请他跟我去远足但是他拒绝了我。从invited我们可知这句话的是时态是一般过去式,因此我们要把refuse也变成过去式。 10. least 【解析】考查介词短语固定搭配。at least表示至少。题意:学生们为了保持健康应该睡至少8小时。 第七节 1. peel 2.hundreds 3.worst 4.activities 5.hardly 6.unless 7.organizing 8.frequently 9.refused 1.understanding/unhappy/upset 6 ---10单元 一、 1.met  2.opening  3.Teenagers  4.solving 5.Preparing 6.hanging  7.together  8.Finally 9.seriously  10.drives  11.Luckily  12.became 13.pieces  14.the most delicious  15.more difficult 16.angrily  17.screens  18.without  19.friendliest 20.experience 二、 A. 1.unless  2.mistakes  3.preparations 4.themselves  5.refused B. 6.disagreed 7.celebrating  8.inviting  9.travelers 10.without C. 11.himself  12.afraid  13.solved  14.advice 15.halfway D. 16.dresses  17.concerts  18.guests  19.visiting 20.hung 三、 A. 1.over  2.plans  3.to invite  4.excited  5.countryside  6.problems  7.comfortable  8.travel 9.foreign  10.competition B. 11.prize  12.weather  13.until/till  14.end  15. gifts  16.Unluckily 17.again  18.umbrellas  19.wet 20.future C. 21.humans  22.dangerous  23.However 24.hundreds  25.Scientists 26.as  27.companies 28.large  29.bored  30.impossible D. 31.decided  32.slowly  33.traveled  34.sunny 35.everywhere 36.working  37.bridge  38.themselves 39.closed  40.plans

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